June 2010 - Property Protector News (Issue 6)

25 June 2010

Emergency Assistance Covers well received

Following our enhancement to the Legal Expenses and introduction of Emergency Assistance cover, we are delighted to see that this has proved a welcome addition to the policy.

To remind you, these covers are included on all residential policies (either Standard or Lite) on a per policy basis rather than being charged on a per property basis, so for those policyholders owning several properties this an invaluable feature. Both the Emergency Assistance and new Legal Expenses covers are provided by ARAG. ARAG is one of the world’s leading players in legal expenses insurance, operating across 13 European countries as well as the US. Founded in Germany in 1935, ARAG now employs over 3,700 staff and generates a premium income of over €1.3 billion.
This new feature will help protect your clients in the event of a domestic emergency at their rental property. Property emergencies can be stressful and sometimes difficult to resolve, but with this new facility your client will have peace of mind knowing that we are with them every step of the way, by not only appointing a suitably qualified contractor to attend your rental property but also meeting the costs associated with this.

Emergency Assistance comparison shows this new feature is amazing value.

Similar cover is available from a variety of sources, including HomeServe, HomeCall and many utility companies such as British Gas. Not all companies offer the same level of cover, and we have compared our scheme with three other leading providers of emergency assistance, the results of which are available as a download from our website. However as we have been able to negotiate a flat rate per policy, your client can achieve huge savings over comparable cover, and those property owning clients with a portfolio of properties can literally be saving hundreds of pounds as we have shown on the comparison.

Don't just take our word for it

We know that this latest enhancement to the scheme will keep our product at the forefront of the market, and should give you confidence to recommend this to your clients in the knowledge that few can match this exemplary cover. One of our leading brokers is very pleased with these new covers …

“The addition of the Property Emergency Solutions Insurance to the contract has been well received by our customers, who recognise the benefits this cover gives in what is a problematic area for landlords.

Steve Allwright, Director FIRTH AND SCOTT

New Recruits

We have pleasure in announcing two new recruits to the Property Protector team here in Nottingham.

Jan Smoothy

Jan brings with her an extensive understanding of all classes of commercial and personal insurances, having been in the industry for over 30 years. Previously working for a retail broker, Jan has had daily dealings with clients “face to face” so is well aware of current market conditions.

“I am looking forward to progressing as an underwriter and maintaining my understanding of the retail brokers’ role to build successful working relationships.” Jan’s interests include walking, good food & wine and adventure holidays.

Neil Fowler

Neil has 16 years of insurance broking experience, most recently working for large corporate personal lines broker. Well versed in Residential Property Owners businesss, he is looking forward to being a key member of the Property Protector team. Neil enjoys football & Cricket, both watching and playing.

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