Residential Property Owners - Elite, Premier Plus and Premier.

21 December 2012

Changes to Residential Contracts

Rebranded Products
From 1 January 2013 we have made a few changes to our Residential Property Owners policies.

Following the consortium change for our two Towergate residential property owners products, revised policy wordings and policy summaries are available to download from our website - a notice to policyholders has already been sent with all renewals noting this change.

We have also taken the opportunity of refocusing our product range and making the offering more attractive to professionally managed portfolios.

To mark these changes we have rebranded the entire Residential product range, as shown below.

ELITE (our old Gold policy)
The cover under our old 'Gold' contract remains unchanged, but has been rebranded to Elite.

PREMIER PLUS (our old Silver wording)
Other than the change of consortium, Premier Plus still provides the same cover as our old 'Silver' contract, providing a cost effective alternative to Elite.

PREMIER (our old Bronze policy)
After rebranding our 'Bronze' contract to Premier we have also taken the opportunity of refocusing this product and making the offering more attractive to 'professional landlords' and portfolio holders:-

• Focused at Professionally Managed Properties & Portfolios
  It is now a condition of the policy that tenants are properly referenced, the property inspected and checked regularly, and a signed tenancy agreement is in place.

• Reduced Policy Excess
• Escape of water excess reduced to £500.00

If you have any queries on the new rebranding, or any of our products do not hesitate to speak to one of our underwriters today?